Canadian Open Chess Championship

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These files contain the games for the top 10 boardsin the open section.

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Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4 Open Section

Round 4 U2000 Section

Round 5 Open Section

Rounds 1,2,3,5 U2000 Section

Round 6 Open

Round 6 U2000 Section

Round 7 Open

Round 7 U2000

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Rounds 1-6

Sun, July 10 to Sun July 17, 2016

Caesars Windsor 

377 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N9A 7H7

9 round chess tournament to determine the Canadian Open champion. CFC and FIDE rated (top two sections only), One round per day with one double round day.

Head Arbiter: IA Hal Bond

Time Control: 40 moves in 90 minutes, remainder of game in 1 hour, plus 30 second increment per move throughout.

Tentative Schedule:

Round 1: 6:00 pm Sunday  July 10

Round 2-6: 6:00 pm Mon-Fri Jul 11-15 

Grandmaster Lecture Wednesday, July 13 1 pm Skittles room Augustus III/IV

Blitz 1:00 pm Thursday, July 14 Skittles Room Augustus III/IV

Round 7: 10 am Saturday July 16.

Round 8: 6:00 pm Saturday, July 16.

Round 9: 10:00 am, Sunday, July 17

Entry Fee until June 30th, 2016:

All sections except U1200: $195  Canadian

U1200 section: $65 Canadian

Free entry for GMs and IMs.

After July 1st $225 Cdn

Must be within 100 points of rating floor to play up.  Fee to play up is $20 donation to CFC Olympiad Fund unless required to play up by organizers. 

Prize Fund:  $15,000 Canadian Guaranteed:Open Section (CFC, USCF or FIDE over 2000) :  $2000 / $1600 / $1300 / $1100 / $1000  U2400: $750 /  $500  U2200: $750 / $500  

 U2000 Section: $750 / $500  U1800: $750 / $500  

 U1600 Section: $650 / $400  U1400: $650 / $400  U1200 $500

 Booster U1200 Section : Trophies Only Trophies for Top 3 plus Top 3 Under 1000, Top 3 Under 800 rating

Unrated Prize: $200

Prize fund is guaranteed

Highest rating of CFC, USCF or FIDE used in determining prize eligibility except in open section where prizes and pairings based on FIDE ratings.  Players over 1900 FIDE rating must play in Open section.  Players must disclose ratings.  2500 CFC, FQE or USCF not eligible for U2400 prize.  2300 FQE, CFC or USCF not eligible for U2200 prize.

Prizes are guaranteed but based on paid entries.  Prize structure is based on 160 fully paid entries.  If there are 220 entries prize fund will improve to $20,000.  Booster section players count as 0.4 of an entry for purposes of this calculation.  The last time this tournament was held in Montreal in 2014 there were over 400 participants.   Note:  Unrated players are not eligible for class prizes. 

Forfeit time is 30 minutes after the start of each round.


Full details are available on  Paypal account to accept entries is set up in name of Windsor Chess with as email.  Checks for the appropriate amounts in U.S. or Canadian funds can be sent to:

 Windsor Chess c/o Vlad Drkulec

1725 Calvary Crt,

Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada N8N 4X1

Send PayPal payments to:

Please include Name, CFC ID, FIDE ID and USCF ID and Ratings if applicable and section that you wish to play in. 

ONLINE  REGISTRATION:   Go down to Windsor Chess Association and choose Canadian Open at bottom of page.  If you are not a CFC member make sure you put "new" in CFC ID.


You can reserve a room at Caesars Windsor by clicking on the following link or by calling the toll free number below and using the 

Call Caesars Windsor Reservations Toll Free